Tool Kit

Tools for your innovation

Zen Statement

A toolkit designed to create specific, full-text product introductions that intuitively represent our products or services. Consists of complete product statement and We are X for Y items


Product Concept Ball

A toolkit that organizes your thoughts to establish the concept of the product or service you want to create. Consists of items that help you organize various ideas about your product / service into one sheet


BM Storytelling Draft

A slide-type toolkit that helps draft the actual business plan. The author develops by answering questions on each page to complete basic storylines and drafts of commonly used business plans.


BM Storytelling Canvas

Before creating a business plan, time to think about the elements that will be essential to the business plan on two canvases, a Narrative test that describes fit between the needs and the solution / product, and the Number test that develops on the feasibility and scale / scaleup. Consist of