The Invention Lab has a basic research infrastructure that enables various market-technology sensing in the planning stage of Open Innovation

Self-operated service & Affiliates

Vertical Platform

Provide case studies of platform and digital transformation along with analysis of domestic and foreign start-up BM

Holds more than 2,000 BM analysis cases UV with 100,000 monthly visitors


Provide major blockchain business models worldwide and market trends analysis report

The VC

Provide information on investments of domestic start-ups invested in Korea and domestically registered investors since 2014

Provide information on more than 4,000 investments and VC Fund, with responsibility to be operated by fund of funds.

Provide start-up investment information as the affiliate of The Invention Lab and is a Technology Scouting Partner


Provide video-based start-up BM analysis report.

Provide video service of over 100 overseas investment information

Published Reports

Amazon Innovation Report

This report analyzes innovation strategy of Amazon, the leading innovative corporation based on its 40 main technologies (drone, e-commerce, hardware, shipping, automatic driving, robot, etc.)

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The Invention Lab conducts seed investments in early stage start-up teams through own investment associations (Angel Investment Association and Joint Venture).
About 70 portfolio companies are working with The Invention Lab, including start-up teams selected for Open Innovation programs with large corporations. The Invention Lab is investing especially in the start-up teams that propose Platform Driven BM based on technology such as Vertical O2O/On-demand, E-Commerce, Foodtech, Traveltech and Pettech.
Total Investment
Total Investment Company
Total Investment Scale
Total Company Valuation

Investment Combination Portfolio

Garagebox Companies

Selected companies for open innovation programs of large corporations

Check out on-demand technology start-ups that will change the world discovered through Open Innovation Programs with the leading domestic corporations at

Global Accelerating Program 'Rising X'

Rising X is our global start-up accelerating program that aims to enable Korean rising A.I. start-ups expand their business into rising Asian countries.

Support based in Thailand and Vietnam

We collaborate with local start-up accelerator based in Thailand (Bangkok) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), promote demo day and strategic alliance with local partners to support Korean A.I. start-ups entering local market


We established local subsidiary (Hanoi-local office) in Ho Chi Minh (March 2019)

We are currently recruiting local employees and setting up a team of developers (this team with 4 developers be operated as a build center)

Expansion of A.I./Cloud Start-ups

We support start-ups with A.I. engine based on Machine Learning/Deep Learning, or start-ups that provide On-Demand/O2O service with Machine-Learning/Deep Learning-based recommendation-matching algorithm to expand their business

Program Process

We attract follow-on investments with our corporate network.
Our operation through the local subsidiary is performance-oriented and realistic.

RISING X Overseas Partnership

We build partnership with local accelerating organizations
and operate joint global acceleration program

Innolab Asia

RISE Accelerate

Rehoboth Vietnam

Saigon Innovation Hub


Check out more details and updates on RISING X website

Proposal for start-up investment and promotion

If you are a start-up looking for investment and fostering, please fill out the contents by clicking the button below.
The Invention Lab discovers and fosters domestic and overseas start-ups through company builders with local companies in Vietnam, and supports entry into the Asian market.

Company builder support service in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Invention Lab timely transfers the Vertical O2O/On-demand service platform BM which The Invention Lab have invested in after verification of market to Vietnam to launch localization services through the company builder joint venture with a local company in Vietnam. The Invention Lab is also committed to directly discovering, nurturing and investing in local start-up teams in Vietnam to expand across Asia.

1. Plan

Planning local application in Vietnam

2. Development and Incubation

Recruit and select Co-Founders such as CEO/CTO/CMO

3. Ready for branch

Acquire customer metrics and prepare branching

4. Invest after branching

Invest after branching (Singapore or Korea)

5. Attract external investment

6. EXIT / Buy-Out

The Build center of the Invention Lab works with Build X experts to design and develop Rapid Prototype.

Build As a Service provided by Build-X

For ventures/start-up teams in large corporations, cloud-based applications (B2C / B2B) must be produced and provided at MVP level to rapidly verify the actual market. Build center delivers MVP and prototypes the fastest and most promptly
The Invention Lab runs a variety of training programs for early stage start-up teams and companies.
The Invention Lab has run a variety of training programs that are applicable to real startup teams, starting with business model games. The Invention Lab have recently developed and applied the ‘Invention Kit’, a lean start-up toolkit developed for in-house start-up/venture teams of large and mid-size corporations.

Self-operated service & Affiliates

Invention Plus

Provide accelerating and lean start-up training for prospective founders, founders, and start-ups, and business model innovation workshop programs for companies

Invention Kit

Lean startup execution tools for in-house startups/ventures designed to innovative new business models in the traditional business ecosystem

Tool Kit

Zen Statement

A toolkit designed to create specific, full-text product introductions that intuitively represent our products or services. Consists of complete product statement and We are X for Y items


Product Concept Ball

A toolkit that organizes your thoughts to establish the concept of the product or service you want to create. Consists of items that help you organize various ideas about your product / service into one sheet


BM Storytelling Draft

A slide-type toolkit that helps draft the actual business plan. The author develops by answering questions on each page to complete basic storylines and drafts of commonly used business plans.


BM Storytelling Canvas

Before creating a business plan, time to think about the elements that will be essential to the business plan on two canvases, a Narrative test that describes fit between the needs and the solution / product, and the Number test that develops on the feasibility and scale / scaleup. Consist of