Our Methodology

The Invention Lab implements inbound and outbound Open Innovation strategy of company most systematically and effectively, based on the Open Innovation design methodology


Explore and discover partners.


Define requirements and issues.


Define solutions/projects and determine the scope of execution for the projects.

Build & Test

Develop and test PoC/MVP.


Internalize and turn output into an asset.

Service We Provide

The Invention Lab has the best expertise and experiences in three important areas of the Open Innovation.
Open Innovation
Advisory Service
  • Designing Open Innovation process and Top Management workshop
  • Planning and operating inbound and outbound OI model
  • Application and diffusion of in-house Open Innovation design methodology into the organization
In-house Startup Acceleration Program
  • Plan and operate lean startup process for in-house start-ups /venture teams in large and midsize companies
  • Operate 10 in 90 application programs for in-house innovation/agile organizations in large and midsize companies
  • Plan and operate a program to verify if the new BM of in-house ventures, start-ups, and innovation organizations is valid to expand overseas.
Technology Scouting
& Investment
  • Find a technical start-up team (Domestic and Asian regions)
  • Operation of inbound OI program and joint seed investment with large and midsize companies
  • Support initial investment and localization of domestic start-ups in emerging Asian markets such as Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar

Our Resources

The Invention Lab works with experts of the Open Innovation experts and partners to effectively support the entire process from planning to implementation


Issue Market-Technology sensing trend report
Research and report on startup ecosystem


Formation and operation of angel investment association and joint venture.
Joint scouting of technology start-ups, joint investment, and follow-up management with large companies

Company Builder

Foster and Spin off start-ups with local subsidiary company builder in Vietnam

Build Center

Plan-develop-launch MAP (Minimum Awesome Product) based on the Design Sprint with Build X, affiliated company


Run business workshops and lean startup training programs for start-ups, ventures and corporations.
Run workshop program for IR Investor Deck development and investment attraction/business approval


Leading corporations and promising technology start-ups of Korea have chosen The Invention Lab to work together to create the Open Innovation and settle it into a culture.