The Invention Lab has built its own DX & OI Platform to effectively and efficiently support business transformation for corporate innovation organizations.
  • Miro

    Based on an online collaborative whiteboard platform, we support a project environment that can be conducted even in a non-face-to-face environment by utilizing templates created in-house.

  • Invention Plus

    It is a SaaS solution for learning IT trends and generating new business ideas, and presents various keyword descriptions, DX, and startup cases that provide insights into business ideas.

  • Invention Deck

    For learning IT trends and generating new business ideas, we present a variety of keyword descriptions, DXs, and startup stories that provide insights into business ideas.

  • DX College

    Online education service dedicated to Digital, Cloud, Platform, and BM Innovation, providing classes on corporate digital strategy and innovation methodology.

  • DX Index

    Real-time diagnosis of digital transformation capabilities of large, mid-sized, and SME organizations.

  • Vertical Platform

    In collaboration with experts in each field, we provide platform-related columns and insights, BM analysis of domestic and foreign startups, and digital transformation case studies.

  • Digital Bonanza

    We introduce strategies, trends, and cases on digital transformation, business models, platforms & startups, and HR transformation to help companies drive digital transformation.