Open Innovation

We provide ‘Open-Innovation as a Service’ to accelerate the digital transformation of real large and medium-sized enterprises.

Open Innovation

We provide a structured program focused on proactive scouting and proof of concept testing, co-investment, and maximizing exit value from external startup organizations that play a key role.
Training/workshop programs for digital-only organizations that are conducting open innovation activities for the first time, such as discovering new business opportunities through PoCs with startups and strategic investments for M&A purposes.
A project that aims to match digital & platform-based tech startups with collaboration departments to conduct market verification, develop affiliate products based on customer DB, create additional revenue streams through interconnection between services, and develop joint new businesses.
Pre-emptive investments in very early/early stage technology innovation/platform driven startups by forming a private equity fund / limited partnership / venture capital fund. Leverage the TIPS program to maximize early stage team funding.

OI Process

We provide integrated advice on open innovation, from pre-planning to developing and operating a PoC/investment-oriented deal scouting pipeline, and post-management.
Proactive Planning & Advisory
  • Business/Strategic Due Diligence (CDD) and Trend Research
  • Business status analysis, problem diagnosis and advancement
  • New business area planning and program design
Deal Scouting Planning and Operations, Inbound Channel Development and Operations
  • Explore new and emerging business areas
  • Unique program branding, dedicated landing page development
  • Pooling of scouting candidates through outreach and PR
Scouting Proof-of-Concept/Investment Candidates, Proactively Execute Investments
  • Scouting candidate companies
  • Create data room/report for selected companies
  • PoC discussions and negotiations with finalized companies
  • Formation of joint project fund and investment execution
PoC Promotion and Follow-up
  • The Invention Lab’s unique Accelerating as a Service (AssA) program
  • Establishment of PoC management process
  • Transfer of working team, KPI management
Maximize Exit Value, Capital Gain
  • Raising a follow-on investment
  • Business valuation
  • Maximizing investment gains through an exit

Our Partners

For many years, he has been working with Korea’s leading conglomerates, listed companies, and mid-sized group companies to identify and co-invest in early stage technology innovation startups.


More support and program information can be found on the Open Innovation Program site.

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