The Invention Lab has formed a dedicated investment partnership/venture fund/individual investment fund with large corporations and publicly traded companies to invest in specific sectors and proactively invest in early stage startup teams.
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    Early stage investment organization that connects traditional large/mid-sized companies with digital innovation startups

    We proactively identify and invest in early-stage startups that have the digital technology and data platforms needed to transform the supplier-centric business model of traditional companies into a customer-centric business model.

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    Open innovation with midsize companies to unlock quantum growth opportunities

    We work with large and mid-sized group companies to design open innovation programs, foster internal venture organizations, and co-invest in spin-offs to help them establish themselves in the market.

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    Combining thesis-based early-stage investment + digital transformation of traditional companies + discovery of startups in growth areas

    Foster in-house ventures, determine deal sourcing areas based on thesis-based research/market exploration, and establish a test fund (OI fund) in collaboration with mid-sized companies / listed companies to make preemptive investments in top-tier early stage startups.

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    Experienced in funding early-stage startup teams in SEA with the largest domestic base in Vietnam

    Identify and invest in early stage Consumer Commerce/Tech startup teams entering key emerging countries in the SEA market, with a focus on Vietnam and Myanmar.


The Invention Lab, together with large corporations and publicly traded companies, has formed a dedicated investment fund/venture fund/individual investment fund for the purpose of investing in specific fields, and is making preemptive investments in early stage startup teams.
OI Fund
An open innovation-linked fund that invests in high-quality startup companies selected for the Open Innovation program promoted by The Invention Lab.
Co-GP Fund
A fund that pursues a win-win strategy by leading the formation of a private investment fund/venture investment fund with other TIPS operators/ACs, new investors, PEFs, VCs, etc.
Spin-off Fund
A dedicated fund for in-house ventures that strategically invests in established in-house venture teams through spin-offs from in-house venture & company building projects to accelerate market penetration.
Vietnam Fund
A dedicated fund in Vietnam that specializes in investing in early-stage Korean startups (Retail/F&B/E-Commerce/B2B SaaS Focus) with a presence in Vietnam.


Focusing on Consumer Commerce&Tech (Beauty/Fashion/FoodTech, etc.), Vertical O2O/On-demand, B2B SaaS, and Digital Healthcare (40+ successful Pre-A and subsequent institutional investments).
Companies that have raised Series A or higher follow-on funding, based on investment in a pooled account

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