The Invention Lab has formed a dedicated investment partnership/venture fund/individual investment fund with large corporations and publicly traded companies to invest in specific sectors and proactively invest in early stage startup teams.
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    Early stage investment organization that connects traditional large/mid-sized companies with digital innovation startups

    We proactively identify and invest in early-stage startups that have the digital technology and data platforms needed to transform the supplier-centric business model of traditional companies into a customer-centric business model.

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    Open innovation with midsize companies to unlock quantum growth opportunities

    We work with large and mid-sized group companies to design open innovation programs, foster internal venture organizations, and co-invest in spin-offs to help them establish themselves in the market.

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    Combining thesis-based early-stage investment + digital transformation of traditional companies + discovery of startups in growth areas

    Foster in-house ventures, determine deal sourcing areas based on thesis-based research/market exploration, and establish a test fund (OI fund) in collaboration with mid-sized companies / listed companies to make preemptive investments in top-tier early stage startups.

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    Experienced in funding early-stage startup teams in SEA with the largest domestic base in Vietnam

    Identify and invest in early stage Consumer Commerce/Tech startup teams entering key emerging countries in the SEA market, with a focus on Vietnam and Myanmar.


The Invention Lab, together with large corporations and publicly traded companies, has formed a dedicated investment fund/venture fund/individual investment fund for the purpose of investing in specific fields, and is making preemptive investments in early stage startup teams.
OI Fund
An open innovation-linked fund that invests in high-quality startup companies selected for the Open Innovation program promoted by The Invention Lab.
Co-GP Fund
A fund that pursues a win-win strategy by leading the formation of a private investment fund/venture investment fund with other TIPS operators/ACs, new investors, PEFs, VCs, etc.
Spin-off Fund
A dedicated fund for in-house ventures that strategically invests in established in-house venture teams through spin-offs from in-house venture & company building projects to accelerate market penetration.
Vietnam Fund
A dedicated fund in Vietnam that specializes in investing in early-stage Korean startups (Retail/F&B/E-Commerce/B2B SaaS Focus) with a presence in Vietnam.


Focusing on Consumer Commerce&Tech (Beauty/Fashion/FoodTech, etc.), Vertical O2O/On-demand, B2B SaaS, and Digital Healthcare (40+ successful Pre-A and subsequent institutional investments).
Companies that have raised Series A or higher follow-on funding, based on investment in a pooled account

Total Investments


Fund Account Investment(KRW)


Total Enterprise Value(KRW)


We proactively identify prospective & early-stage founders and run a unique acceleration program for ultra-fast Series-A growth, from business planning to service launch, SEED investment, and TIPS referral, together with our pre-SEED incubator FutureFound.
Build & Launch

Incubation and startup funding through the FutureFound Incubation Program


Growth investment of $3 million to $10 million for selected companies


Seed/Pre-A investment for companies that have completed market validation and meet the requirements of this investment committee.


Referral to TIPS program upon meeting The Invention Lab’s internal criteria

Quantum Growth

Support for rapid growth to secure Series A round and follow-up investment