Who We Are

The Invention Lab is a corporate innovation advisory firm
for your business transformation.
We started operating the Open Innovation program for large corporations for the first time in Korea, and we are systematically supporting innovation activities to transform business model.
We are running an effective program for corporate innovation organizations and in-house start-ups which ranges from new business development to prototype development, customer verification and launching.
We form an independent investment association (Angel investment association and joint partnership) and co-invest with corporations in excellent start-ups found through various Open Innovation programs.
We have established a company builder with a local partner in Vietnam, fostering local Spin-out company and making follow-up investment.
The Invention Lab’s
Eco System
The Invention Lab provides one-stop solutions with leading expert groups and organizations to help large and midsize companies promote Open Innovation.

The Invention Lab

SEA Market

Subsidiary company builder in Vietnam

Find local start-ups, make initial investment in company building and foster them.

The domestic

Promotion of Open Innovation strategy

Open Innovation Advisory
Technology Scouting & Investment
In-House Startup Acceleration/Education

MVP build center

HW MVP build center > NowSome
SW MVP build center > Build X

User/Customer verification center

User/Customer verification platform > dbdLab

Performance marketing

Establishing performance marketing strategy > ThinkingWolf

Legal/accounting/patent rights advice

Legal advice

Legal advice for start-ups > The PLAN

Accounting/Tax advice

Accounting/Tax advisory for start-ups > PTX

Patent rights advice

Patent rights advice for start-ups > Lee, Mock & Partners
Why The Invention Lab?

Deep understanding and profound insight into Open Innovation

Open Innovation is an important term that determines whether the traditional business organizations can continue to provide new value to customers and markets in the future.
However, developing and implementing a good Open Innovation strategy is not easy. The Invention Lab has the know-how and experience gained from carrying out various open innovation projects with large companies in telecommunications, finance and manufacturing. The Invention Lab delivers successful results by building strategies and processes optimized for the company.

Helper for major corporations who understands start-ups the best

Large corporations need to take advantage of external innovation capabilities and venture ecosystems to get ideas for new innovative products and services, and to increase the innovation within their organization. The Invention Lab is an open innovation partner who best understands start-ups, external technology innovation organizations. The invention Lab is committed to supporting the corporation’s Open Innovation based on the start-up database and deal sourcing competency built around investing and nurturing about 70 initial start-up teams and operating the 11 angel investment and joint ventures.

Establishing Rapid Prototyping system through MVP build center

Ideas for new innovative services derived from the inside of corporation must be realized and validated more rapidly as business digitizes, and as customers and markets change faster. The Invention Lab provide one-stop support for the entire process, from inspiration to development. The Build X, an affiliate company of The Invention Lab, helps in-house start-up teams of the corporations develop applications optimized for cloud environment promptly and timely.

Cross-Border business to support going Global

The Invention Lab is expanding its influence beyond domestic market to the global market.
The Invention Lab is working on a project to find, incubate and M&A a local technology-based start-up team through subsidiary company builder based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
The invention Lab also support the entry of qualified domestic start-up business models into the Asian market and follow-up investment.

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Open Innovation Team - Vietnam Business Part

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We look for people to lead innovation and change within business through Open Innovation.

We are not recruiting at the moment, but we look forward to getting keen attention and applications from passionate talents to work with us in the future. Send your resume and portfolio via email to [email protected] titled ‘[recruitment] The Invention Lab_desired position_applicant name.’

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Performance Marketing

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