In-house Startup Acceleration & Market Entrance

Think of mobile business within five years

The on-boarding program for members of the newly formed agile organization within the global mobile manufacturing company to discover new business

When: May-June 2019. Client: New agile organization in global mobile manufacturing leader, the electronics company A


Experience and embody the way small teams in the form of design innovation organizations/agile/start-up work on the image of mobile output within five years, in a rapidly changing market and technology development


Four teams selected each topic for a goal. Proceeded with the project like four startups.
Four total workshops, coaching, and two customer-tests in about 40 days provided quick market verification of the item.


The biggest difference that the newly assigned team members could feel over a 40-day period was the way they worked. In the existing ‘waterfall’ structure work process, there were few workshops in which white boards and post-its were used to express various ideas and opinions of individuals. The members themselves decided on the form, scope and level of the final selection and the level of implementation. And the biggest change that came through this program was, first and foremost, a lively response from a direct test of the customers. The program has become an essential program to help newly deployed members of agile organizations perform their exploration of future growth engines and transform the way they work, think, and culture for innovation.

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Open Innovation
Advisory Service
  • Designing Open Innovation process and Top Management workshop
  • Planning and operating inbound and outbound OI model
  • Application and diffusion of in-house Open Innovation design methodology into the organization
In-house Startup Acceleration Program
  • Plan and operate lean startup process for in-house start-ups /venture teams in large and midsize companies
  • Operate 10 in 90 application programs for in-house innovation/agile organizations in large and midsize companies
  • Plan and operate a program to verify if the new BM of in-house ventures, start-ups, and innovation organizations is valid to expand overseas.
Technology Scouting
& Investment
  • Find a technical start-up team (Domestic and Asian regions)
  • Operation of inbound OI program and joint seed investment with large and midsize companies
  • Support initial investment and localization of domestic start-ups in emerging Asian markets such as Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar