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What is the business that will disrupt us?

Start-up scouting, partnership and investment program of domestic card operator through competition

When: 2018. Client: Dedicated team to Open Innovation of domestic card operator with about 18 million customers.


Open Innovation is the most active in the financial business such as card companies and banks. The existing business model has reached its limit as the payment settlement solutions launched competitively by IT companies became popular

Traditional financial businesses need to collaborate with and invest in players with new business models


Operated open program of external recruitment and selection, selected 9 start-ups in the life commerce sector every year

Partnered with nine startups of various sectors and sizes, developing joint business models, and investing


The Company C has been running the program for three years with The Invention Lab. The company has identified and promoted a total of 82 collaboration tasks from 20 business departments, since the final selection of the second term. The meetings and workshops are active and partnerships are held at various levels, from marketing alliances to new business launches.
In particular, it was unusual for a large corporation to have an executive in the business department work in a partnership start-up office, creating a structure that could cut down to the plan-report-decision making system and execute it quickly.

The four start-ups, which were actively engaged by the executives, also showed a unique demonstration, with the final demo-day pitched jointly by the start-up and the Company C’s representative.

Developing and operating joint business model is very difficult to succeed in a short period of time. It is crucial for the selected start-ups to be able to keep developing partnership business model through investment afterwards.

The company C and the Invention Lab have seeded together three start-ups, which were relatively at early stages. Start-ups above series A attracted follow-up investments from the Company C’s financial affiliates.

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Open Innovation
Advisory Service
  • Designing Open Innovation process and Top Management workshop
  • Planning and operating inbound and outbound OI model
  • Application and diffusion of in-house Open Innovation design methodology into the organization
In-house Startup Acceleration Program
  • Plan and operate lean startup process for in-house start-ups /venture teams in large and midsize companies
  • Operate 10 in 90 application programs for in-house innovation/agile organizations in large and midsize companies
  • Plan and operate a program to verify if the new BM of in-house ventures, start-ups, and innovation organizations is valid to expand overseas.
Technology Scouting
& Investment
  • Find a technical start-up team (Domestic and Asian regions)
  • Operation of inbound OI program and joint seed investment with large and midsize companies
  • Support initial investment and localization of domestic start-ups in emerging Asian markets such as Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar